ActiveCampaign Instructions

Adding & Updating Contacts

Login to Active Campaign

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in using your assigned username and password

Find Contacts Tab

  1. You should be looking at the ActiveCampaign dashboard
  2. Locate the menu bar on the left hand size of the console
  3. Click on the “Contacts” tab at the top of the menu bar

Add New Contact

  1. You should see all of the active contacts in the system
  2. Locate the “New Contact” button in the top right hand corner
  3. Click the button

Input New Contact Information

  1. A pop-up window should appear with input fields
  2. You must input an email address or the contact cannot be input into the system
  3. Enter in the name and phone number
  4. Select the organization the contact belongs to
  5. Click on the “Include Custom Fields” to add in additional details

View/Edit Existing Contacts

  1. Click on the name of any contact to open the individual contact page
    1. The right hand side of the contact page shows recent interactions with the contact
  2. Mouse over and click any field that says “Click to add” to input additional contact information
    1. Click the “save” button when finished
  3. Pre-existing contact information can be changed by clicking on it
    1. Click the “save” button when finished

Additional Features

  1. Send reminders to follow up with contacts by clicking on the “Add Task” button
    1. These reminders are set for yourself and cannot be asigned to others from this page
    2. Set the type of follow up and when to be reminded 
  2. Add contact notes by clicking the “Add note” button
    1. Notes will be displayed newest to oldest
  3. Send emails to contacts by selecting the “Send Email” button
    1. The from email address will be the one you have listed on your user profile
    2. Emails will send directly to the contact, but responses will be sent to your Outlook mailbox