Professional: We have vast knowledge in the timeshare closing business. We are committed to doing it right the first time!

Competitive: At PCS Title you can relax knowing that our prices are some of the most competitive in the Industry!

Service: PCS Title is a full service title and real estate settlement company, approved by multiple title underwriters and lenders.

We’re committed to doing it RIGHT the first time!

At PCS Title, our dedicated staff is committed to “doing it right the first time” in accordance with the most current industry standards. We feel that our customers across Florida deserve the best.

To meet that standard, we focus on fast turn-around, reasonable prices and superior, personal attention at a pace set by you. We specialize in being proactive, anticipating and resolving situations that may occur before the actual closing takes place to make your experience as hassle free as possible.

Our competitive rates and outstanding service make us the first choice of informed real estate clients.


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Why choose PCS TITLE for your Title needs?

Our closing agents, well trained in real estate and title insurance procedures and supervised by a knowledgeable title attorney, provide quick response to your closing needs from start to finish. We take pride in our professional, courteous service, our attention to detail, thoroughness, honesty, integrity and dependability. We also recognize the importance of communication so we pledge to keep you informed at each stage of the process... [Learn More]

Understanding the Title Process

Title insurance is a contract of indemnity which guarantees that the title to the property is as reported. If it’s not as reported, we will reimburse the buyers for actual loss or damage under the condition specified in the policy. The title policy covers the insured for their loss up to the amount of the policy.

Title insurance assures owners that they are acquiring marketable title. Title insurance is designed to eliminate risk or loss caused by defects in title from the past. Title insurance provides coverage only for title problems which were already in existence at the time the policy was issued... [Learn More]

Understanding the Closing Process

As a Buyer or Seller, you want to be certain all conditions of sale have been met before the property and money change hands. The technical definition of a closing is a transaction where one party engaged in the sale, transfer or lease of real or personal property with another person delivers a written instrument, money or other disbursement upon the happening of a specified event or the performance of a specified condition.  Simply stated the closing agent impartially carries out the written instructions given by and agreed upon by the principals... [Learn More]

Why you need Title Insurance.

Owning real estate is one of the most precious values of freedom enjoyed in this country. When you decide to buy a new home, you want to be sure the property will be yours and that no one else will have any liens, claims or encumbrances against your home other than your agreed-upon mortgage... [Learn More]

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